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Dynamatrix WJ Polymeric Sand

Dynamatrix WJ Polymeric SandDynamatrix_WJ_Po_4ec412f68f3dd.jpg

DYNAMATRIX® WJ POLYMERIC JOINTING SAND is a dry mixture of calibrated sands, polymers, binders and dedicated chemical controlling agents specifically designed to bind firmly and easily together in horizontal pavement joints. It is specially made for use in wider joints and in high traffic areas. Applied dry into the pavement joints, it will harden and stay in place after being wet. Carefully blended with a higher content of polymers and dedicated control agents than any other comparable, the quality of DYNAMATRIX® WJ POLYMERIC JOINTING SAND ensures increased stability, performance and lasting durability to your paver projects. Developed by a team of experts in chemistry and in the paver industry, DYNAMATRIX® WJ POLYMERIC JOINTING SAND retains the adequate elasticity needed to adapt to the movements of the pavement surface. It will resist erosion due to weather, maintenance and traffic.

- Courtesy of Dyna

22.7kg (50 lbs) Bag


Max Width: 1 1/4" (3.2 cm)

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