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EnviroSAND Stabilizing Jointing Sand

EnviroSAND Stabilizing Jointing SandEnviroSAND_Stabi_511bf5af1aca0.jpg

EnviroSAND blends a scientifically designed joint sand with the plant-based glue, Organic-Lock, for joint sand stabilization in interlocking paving stone applications. Organic-Lock is the strongest, self-healing organic glue on the market and is made from 100% naturally occurring materials. When activated by water, the Organic-Lock forms an adhesive gel, bonding the sand particles together. After this bonding takes place, joint sand loss due to wind and rainfall erosion is substantially reduced while nuisance weeds and ant infestations are effectively controlled. EnviroSAND remains completely flexible to withstand thermal movement or settlement of the sub-base materials. Additionally, the gelling ability of the Organic- Lock allows the joint to self-heal. In conditions where cracking or movement may occur, rain water reactivates the Organic-Lock, allowing the joint material to remold and fill any cracks. This self-healing aspect allows the segmental system to remain segmental while maintaining joint sand stability.

- Courtesy of Envirobond

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