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Hand Mixer

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- Electronic speed control thumb wheel with torque feedback
- Compound curved handle gives extra strength and ideal ergonomic hand position
- Cut away handle shape for unobstructed view of work material
- 2-speed gearbox selector
- Locking trigger switch
- Soft non-slip trip handle with textured surface
- Anti-dust staggered vent louvers
- Nylon plus fibre motor housing with externally accessible brushes
- Combination of revolutionary ergonomic design, sturdy mechanicals and torque feedback electronics. The most effective and comfortable mixers available anywhere
- Unique handle design results in the perfect hand position with 15 degree tilt for fatigue free operation. The rubber grip areas  help provide maximum comfort.
- The torque feedback function allows maximum torque to be maintained at any speed. Changing speed without leaving the handles is easy with the speed adjustor thumb wheel. This allows the machine to mix at maximum efficiency with any kind of material.


Max Free RPM: 550
Power: 1600 W
Motor Amp: 14.5
N-m: 28
Thread: M14X2

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