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Developed primarily for stone dealer's, masonry supply yards and garden centers the program is also of interest to horticulturalists, arborists and certain specialty niche enterprises that desire to participate in the current ongoing appeal in the market of natural stone.

At Rock Valley Natural Stone, we have done all the legwork for you. We have sourced natural stone not only from North America, but from around the world.

Our selection is second to none and our pricing is very competitive.

Combine all these details with our "Carved In Stone" guarantee of quality and satisfaction, and you have the assurance of happy customers and increased sales.

One of the main features of our program is the availability of countless unique stone types in the quantities that meet you and yours customers' particular requirements.

Mixed loads of different products are available for delivery and pickup. As well full quarry direct shipments are available.

Our supply agreements with major stone quarries worldwide, assures you of the stone you need, when you need it. We also assist with merchandising, set-up and sales of the materials.

At Rock Valley Natural Stone you will find knowledgeable and courteous professionals to assist you with all your natural stone requirements.

"Let Rock Valley Natural Stone help you make your landscape a lasting expression of time."

Before you start your next Landscaping project get in touch with us for advice and a free consultation.

We can help you get started, offer advice to do it yourself and have all of the resources you will need to see your landscaping project to completion.

Learn more about our Carved in Stone Guarantee

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